David Andrew Snyder

I’m an entrepreneur turned product UX/UI designer based in Washington D.C.

a bit about me

While many designers fantasize about opening their own coffeeshops, my journey took the opposite route: I was a coffeeshop owner who always aspired to be a designer.

The sight of designers crafting incredible projects on their laptops right in my cafe was deeply inspiring. Over the years, I did dip my toes into design—creating websites, menus, and promotional materials for my business.

After a decade of making coffee, an opportunity to sell my coffeeshop presented itself, so i seized it. I took a chance to pivot and truly invest in my passion for design.

From then on, I was sharpening my skills as a designer, crafting products for various businesses within my local community. Merging this new skill set with my entrepreneurial background has been both enlightening and invigorating, providing me with fresh perspectives on how research can enhance products.

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